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We believe that you, the patient, should always get a full understanding of your visit from check-in to check-out:

Your scheduled appointment time is a time set aside exclusively for you. Our goal is to keep your waiting time after check-in to less than 15 minutes. Therefore, it is always to your benefit to make an appointment before coming in.

Insurance and Copayment:
Our office accepts most PPO insurances, HMO, and CASH patients. Calling in before your visits to have us verify your eligibility will significantly save you time. Please present your current insurance card at the beginning of each visit, and notify our staff of any changes to your insurance plan. All copayments are required at the time of your visit.  (Unfortunately we are unable to waive copayments and there are no special exceptions.) If your insurance has a deductible amount that needs to be met, we will first submit a claim to your insurance company, and send you a bill for any coinsurance or non-covered services you are responsible for. We accept cash, check (bounced checks have a $20 charge), or Visa/Mastercard as acceptable payments.

Health Forms:
Due to the complexity of completing certain forms, our office institutes a charge of $15-25 per form. This includes but is not limited to DMV, disability, school physicals, and other non-insurance forms. Please allow up to 5 to 7 business days for forms to be complete. Once the forms are completed, a member of our staff will notify you for pickup. Please note that some forms may require laboratory or radiology results to complete.

Diagnostic Testing- Laboratory/Radiology:
All test results are reviewed by the ordering physician within 2 working days of receiving the results. As a courtesy, you will receive notification of normal or abnormal results. Normal results do not require a follow-up visit; abnormal results may require follow-up consultation which will require an office co-pay or payment. Copies of lab results can be picked up in person with a valid ID, or delivered to your home address if you bring in a stamped envelope. HIPAA regulations do not allow us to email or fax lab results without encryption and written consent from the patients.

Contracted laboratories: ABC Laboratory, LabCorp, Sun Lab, and Quest Diagnostics

Lab specimen referrals will be sent to the facility contracted with your insurance company. If you have a lab preference, please notify our staff.

**Please note that we draw your blood as a convenience and courtesy to our patients. We are NOT responsible for collecting any copay or for any lab bills you may receive. Please direct any lab questions to your serving laboratory.

If you need a prescription refill, please have your pharmacy contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Please understand that there are some medications that cannot be refilled over the phone, and must require a written prescription. Contact our office if you have any of these issues.

Referrals & Authorizations:
If you have HMO insurance and need to be seen by a specialist as medically necessary, we are required to submit a request for authorization from your IPA/medical group. We do not authorize these services unless stated otherwise from your Health Plan. Approval or denial of the authorization will be subjected to the regulations set by your Health Plan. IPA has up to 10 days to review and process your request and will mail you their decision.

Here at Medox Family Medicine, your needs come first. Your patient-doctor relationship with our office and staff allows us to better meet your healthcare needs and optimize your experience in your medical journey.

We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to our office policies and thank you for choosing Medox Family Medicine for your healthcare needs.

updated Jan 2016

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